What you could expect for your Preferred Headshot session

I love my job, and I like to have fun doing it. 

After meeting the Preferred Headshots photographer,  you will be directed to stand, sit, or lean in the desired location. If you’re nervous, don’t worry; the photographer will talk you through it. It will be just like you’re hanging out or taking a break. The best thing is to come with a positive attitude and be ready to smile and laugh.

If you can’t decide on an outfit, be sure to look at What To Wear for tips.

If we are only photographing your upper body, you are more than welcome to wear comfortable bottoms like yoga pants.

Choosing your Images

Selecting your images marks a crucial phase after your headshot session.

To streamline this process, we often employ various methodologies. We prefer tethering to a laptop in typical scenarios, allowing for a real-time preview of a curated selection of images during the session. This enables on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring the final image aligns seamlessly with your expectations.

However, in instances where multiple locations or specialized headshots are involved, tethering may not be a feasible option. In such cases, post-session, we facilitate uploading the images to a private website. This option allows you to review and select your preferred images from the comfort of your chosen space with your beverage of choice. Additionally, this feature proves advantageous when seeking input from others before finalizing your selection, offering a comprehensive and collaborative decision-making process.


We will say, having your makeup professionally done can make a world of difference, and it feels good to be pampered a little.

Images will be naturally retouched. I want you to be you without the blemishes or that one hair that wants to do its own thing. Preferred Headshots has some of the most excellent retouchers around. They all know the quality we expect, and they deliver every time.
After retouching, the images will be back and ready for you to download from your photo gallery.  You will be in awe.

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