Headshots - What to Wear

You may not think what you chose to wear in your headshot is that important, but it is. 

Though headshots are traditionally close-cropped, most include your shoulders at the very least. Having this small hint of clothing is extremely important.


Whatever you choose to wear, you should be comfortable, and the look should reflect your intentions. If you’re having headshots done for a corporate website, you will probably want to wear something that reflects your professionalism such as a tailored suit or top. If you’re having your headshots done to reflect your lifestyle or personal brand, you may want to wear something more relaxed. Be sure that your chosen look is clean, wrinkle-free and fits well. The key is to be comfortable. Your comfort will come through in the photo and it will result in flattering headshots where you look happy and confident.


 For your headshot, go with what you know. You know what colors look best on you, so stick with that. Stay with solid colors and small patterns (prints and large patterns can be distracting). To add depth and keep your headshot interesting color coordination is key. If you have blue eyes, try wearing shades of blue, pink or gray. If you have green or hazel eyes, shades of brown and green work well. Avoid colors that are flesh-toned as that can create a monotoned look. Choose colors that make you look and feel confident!

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