The Importance of Headshots

Things have changed, we now live in a digital world where social media has taken on such a vital role in promoting personal brands. Having a professional headshot is more important than ever. What the majority don’t know is that one of the reasonable investments in personal brands is having a high-quality, professionally taken headshot. It sends a message across to your prospective clients that you are at your best. Well, it’s not news that many people are not just naturally photogenic and it’s not their fault. When the headshot of these sets of people is taken by an amateur, they might end up looking nothing like they do in person. A professional photographer that specializes in headshots knows the right position, backdrop, and lighting to get the best shoot you deserve.  

Since almost all social media platforms require you to upload a photograph of yourself as a profile picture, your headshot will have a far-reaching web presence. You will also be able to use it for team page of your company/organization website, and publication in a conference or speaking engagement-related materials. A good headshot photograph conveys your professionalism. If you look professional in your photograph there are chances your potential clients, investors, or potential business partners agree to meet with you at least for the first time. 

Have you ever notice you quickly get an idea of someone’s personality when you see their headshot or full photograph? A good headshot is an effective way to give people an idea of what you’re made of before they meet you physically. A smile portrays send a message that you’re approachable while a serious-looking portrays means you are serious and determined. A headshot is a way to make your expression match your personality. 

Headshot offers a perfect opportunity to share a story. From the angle to the backdrop and the lightning, everything in the photograph tells potential clients or employers about who you are. It’s a way of enhancing your brand value and your personality. A wrong headshot could convey that you are not serious or make you look like the janitor when you’re actually the CEO. 

Sure you’ve visited companies and organizations website and quickly formulated opinions about their professionalism and quality of work they might probably deliver even before meeting them in person or on phone. Well, this isn’t something bad, we are human beings wired in a way to make opinions through what we see, hear, and think. Put up a bad headshot with a poor backdrop, a dated style or even some traditional pose, or a wrong facial expression, and a potential client may judge you unfavorably without meeting you in person.

A corporate headshot should convey your brand values and professionalism. A professionally taken headshot showcases your identity, approachability, integrity, and competence. Such a photograph will show your customer that you put effort into your marketing campaign, meaning you are serious about your business. No one wants to have anything to do with an unserious looking person, not when money is involved and money is always involved. Project your brand values and communicate your company competency the right way through a professional headshot. 

This is not just for the top executives alone, it’s for everyone. If you don’t have already, chances are that’s why your proposal, friend request, business meeting, and more are not approved. Become serious about it and start viewing it as an effort you have to invest in your personal brand, business, or company. With a great headshot, your competence and unique personality will shine through, opening doors to new opportunities for you. Remember, it’s always about the first impression. 

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